HeiferPRO Mobile

HeiferPRO Mobile

Mobile Computing In A Rugged Environment

HeiferPRO Mobile is the perfect solution to increasing the number of animals that you can manage without creating a larger workload.  How is this possible?

HeiferPRO Mobile is a software program that communicates with HeiferPRO.  HeiferPRO Mobile gives you the ability to quickly and easily record data while receiving, managing and returning animals. 

Using RFID or manual entry, HeiferPRO Mobile allows you to record an action as it is occuring.  From Vaccinations, Pen Moves, Vet Checks and more, you will be able to accomplish these tasks more efficiently.  This reduces the amount of time that you are at a desktop computer.

Using HeiferPRO Mobile on a Tablet PC allows HeiferPRO Mobile to aid you while you are managing animals.  No more trying to manually identify who the animal is.  Let HeiferPRO Mobile do the work for you!

Upon importing the data into HeiferPRO from HeiferPRO Mobile, HeiferPRO will create the Vet Checks, Vaccinations, etc.  This will greatly speed up your data entry.  You will be capturing actions as they occur and greatly reduce the amount of time that you are at a desktop computer recording data.

All of this greatly reduces data entry error and employee labor time.  Both are money savers.

If you are interested in purchasing HeiferPRO Mobile or want more information on how HeiferPRO Mobile works, please contact us at 888-597-2977.