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Video Instructions

December 7, 2010

We are currently working on instructional videos for all of our applications. These videos will be from 1 - 3 minutes long. Each video will pertain to a particular task. For example, in RationPRO MVP, we may have a video that shows you how to add a new ingredient. There may be another video that shows you how to edit an ingredient. We hope to have these videos ready by January 1, 2011

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ProfitSource Forum

December 7, 2010

If you are a customer and have signed up as a member of a forum, please contact us so that we can register you on the appropriate customer only forum. Available for download to all customers is an application that will move your data files to a new computer. If you have purchased or going to purchase a new computer, this application will give you peace of mind in moving your data from your old computer to the new computer. You must sign up for the customer forum for HeiferPRO or DairyQuest. Thank you.

HeiferPRO Online Order

EZ Pay Program

You may purchase HeiferPRO on our EZ Pay Program. Your license is good for 1 year and then you will need to renew it. If at the end of the license year you want to continue using HeiferPRO, simply renew your license. The EZ Pay price will never go up and includes all updates and support to our toll free number 888-597-2977.

Please select the version of HeiferPRO that you willl need. The only difference between each version is the number of active animals that you may have in the program. The version number reflects the number of active animals you may have in the program. For example, HeiferPRO 1000 means you can have up to 1000 active animals.

An active animal is one that is on your farm. Returned animals are considered not active and do not count towards the number of animals in HeiferPRO.

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HeiferPRO 5000
HeiferPRO 7000
HeiferPRO Unlimited

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